Did you know that a total of 1155 burglaries took place in Los Angeles in the year 2018? Burglars can target almost any place—a warehouse, an office, a bank, a store, or even your home.

We’ve listed down a few spots in your house which are easy targets for burglars.

1) Under the mattress

The first place on the list of a burglar is always the master bedroom because that’s where all the riches are. The parents’ room obviously contains more cash and jewelry than that of children or guests. We all know that the area under the mattress is never completely empty; it always hides something or the other. Never keep valuables under a mattress. What makes the mattress an easy target it the fact that it’s not secure enough. There are no locks and no passwords. All it takes is a one-hand lift and all that’s under it is gone.

2) Through the window

Breaking a window needs little force and almost no expertise or extra break-in equipment. Keep your windows closed before going to bed at night so if they’re broken into, the noise can alert you. An open window invites burglars to come and do their job effortlessly. Although it’s understandable that most people prefer keeping their windows open for better ventilation in summers, and of course to save up on air conditioning bills but the threat that an open window poses to your home’s security is inevitable.

3) The safe

A safe that is built-in in your wall works as a great way to store cash safely but only if it’s not portable. Any burglar can conveniently take away the safe and get the locked picked by an expert with an ease. The safe in your office will always be one of the first things a burglar will go for. Make sure your safe is built in a wall and accompanied by high security locks which can’t easily be broken into. Also, have a solid wood-core door for the room where the safe is built. Or maybe a door made of steel. Avoid glass doors for such sensitive rooms.

As much as these spots are vulnerable, with a few simple steps it’s possible to ensure maximum security for your house. CCTV surveillance systems are a foolproof solution. They allow you to stay alert of all that’s going on in these and other spots in your house through remote access. To have a CCTV system installed at your house in Los Angeles, contact Protection4less. Our high security cameras upgrade your home security to an impenetrable level.  To contact us, call up at 562-556-7545 or visit their website.