The security industry is enjoying a high-tech renaissance with its multiple innovations and revolutionary security cameras. This means that your surveillance system gets outdated before it even gets old. And with break-ins happening every 13 seconds in the United States, it is imperative to have the latest systems in place. Upgrading your security camera system means:

a) More quality picture day, or night.

b) More recording time.

c) Better smartphone app.

Here is a list of reasons why your security system needs an upgrade.

90° or More Field of Vision

Cameras these days have come quite far in terms of their coverage. From 70° views, they now offer a more than 90° view, which allows for a very comprehensive coverage of the room even when placed in a corner. This can be observed in some of our top-notch cameras which allow for coverage of most blind spots.

Night-Time Vision

A surveillance system can be of very limited use if it cannot decipher visuals during the night. This need laid the groundwork for the development of infrared night-vision features so that you can have clear vision even in the dark. They’re also equipped with weather-resistant features which help acquire clear images in rain.

Smartphone Control

Another feature that will really take your surveillance system up a notch is the integration of smart phones. From reviewing footage through multiple cameras on several different screens, you can use your smart phone for a range of different applications. Remote viewing also allows you to easily observe disturbances and contact the authorities when needed.

Improper Placement

You also need to check if your security cameras have been placed appropriately on the property. This means that you need to talk to your security services company and ensure that all the spots which are most likely to breach are covered. If not, then your security system might need an upgrade right away.

Insufficient Storage Capacity

This feature depends on the needs of your property. If the security system is being used for commercial purposes, then you will need enough storage capacity to store still images and live feed.

There is no set rule for when an upgrade is due. It entirely depends on the cost of maintaining the previous system versus the cost and benefits of investing in a new one. So if you feel like now is the time for an upgrade, contact us  at 562-556-7545 and get yourself a surveillance system upgrade for your space in Long Beach, Ontario.