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Advanced Infrared Camera Technology: Amazing Low Light Performance!

If you are still using the same old security cameras you installed a decade ago at your commercial facility or home, you could be leaving behind gaps that any criminal can make use of.

One of the most common issues with basic security cameras is their dependence on light. And since majority of thefts occur at night, this renders these cameras useless.

What you need is a set of infrared cameras that offer superior visibility during the day and even better performance at night.

At, we have helped a diverse array of clients install infrared security cameras across the U.S.

Here are a few benefits of these cameras that make the leading choice:

Catch Crooks In The Act

Conventional cameras offer little to no visibility in low light conditions. In fact, if you have basic security cameras installed outside your home or office, a criminal could easily go undetected during night.

On the other hand, infrared cameras provide unparalleled visibility throughout the day and night. As they rely on natural heat signals emanating by our bodies, you will be able to distinguish exactly when your property is under attack.

Reliable 24/7 Protection

Infrared cameras cut out the need to install supporting lights with them. This makes them the most practical 24//7 surveillance solution for most home and business owners. They capture footage just as well in pitch black darkness as they do in daytime.

Save Big

As mentioned above, with traditional security cameras, clients needed to installed additional lights to provide ample illumination.

A thief would only need to cut out some wires or toss a rock at the bulb to make the environment favorable. Not to mention that outdoor floodlights are energy hogs—you could rack up hundreds of dollars in the form of energy bills.

Installing infrared cameras keep more money in your pocket, making them a considerably affordable investment in the long run.

Clear Visibility In Fog, Rain And Poor Weather Conditions

Even in a well lit area, dust and fog inevitably hamper the ability of traditional cameras to record footage accurately. On the contrary, infrared cameras don’t have this issue. Poor weather conditions are not a problem.

To get the best results from your infrared cameras, you need to consider quality and installation. At we have installed infrared cameras for a number of commercial and residential clients. Choose us for your next surveillance system installation!

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