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CCTV Cameras and Hit-and-Run Cases

According to statistics, there’s been a significant rise in fatal hit-and-run cases recorded over the past few years with the reason being a range of different factors such as driving under influence, distracted driving, etc.

While most people claim responsibility for accidents, majority tend to drive off the scene of the crime. In these cases, the culprits tend to not get very far, thanks to security cameras.

There’s always someone watching

Culprits of hit-and-run cases tend to drive away because of fear; but in most cases, it’s because they cannot claim responsibility.

However, thanks to CCTV footages that help solve crimes involving more than just hit-and-run cases, these culprits tend to not stay free for too long.

Here are a few cases where the installation of security camera services helped solve such crimes:

Case 1: Don’t act on your temper!

Hit-and-run cases are often accidental but in this case, a scuffle led to the driver losing his temper and deliberately acting on it instead of letting go.

Southampton Bar witnessed a grave scene when driver Mahibur Rahman lost his temper on a group of friends and rammed his car over them outside of the nightclub. This case was indeed a terrible sight for onlookers but thanks to CCTV footages, he was identified and his car tracked through the license plate visible on several footages.

Case 2: Keep it in control!

While the previous case was a deliberate attempt, in this case a 14-year-old cyclist was rammed by an SUV gone out of control.

Although the boy walked off with minor injuries, the reckless driving and failure to take responsibility caused it to take a turn for the worst. Thankfully, because of footages on CCTV cameras, the license plate was captured helping the police to investigate into the matter. You can guess it didn’t take long for the culprits to get caught!

Case 3: Always the cyclists!

Again, a bicyclist became victim for a terrible hit-and-run case where the driver sped off leaving the victim with serious injuries. The CCTV footage helped police to identify the driver especially when he stopped at a nearby gas station to refuel. They’re still on the lookout but it wouldn’t be long until the culprit is behind bars!

Installing several cameras on the outposts can help immensely with other areas of crime as well. We are experts at Protection4less and help you handle your CCTV camera purchase and installations. Simply contact us and we’ll be able to address all your CCTV concerns!