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Dispelling Popular Myths about Surveillance Cameras

With crime rates and the creativity of criminals rising at exponential rates, it’s our job to make sure we don’t wait for incidents like burglary, theft, vandalism, harassment, and even kidnappings to happen before taking the necessary safety measures.

Technology has progressed enough that security cameras for surveillance are accessible for most people. However, there are still a lot of myths that surround them. Here’s what you need to know:

Surveillance cameras can be easily installed by anyone.

While it may seem like installing a camera isn’t that complex, the truth is that installing surveillance cameras and home security systems is a job for trained technicians and professionals.

Many of us think we can undertake the task ourselves, and that big companies are just out to get our money. But they really are better equipped to customize the process for your home or workplace. For the best bargain prices, Protection4Less can meet your security needs.

Surveillance technology is monitoring behavior

Ensuring your security is a right. It’s important to take any and all preventative measures that ensure you’re well-protected.

Surveillance cameras keep information secure and restrict access to private spaces. In fact, monitoring crowds in public spaces even reduces cases of pick-pocketing and harassment.

Techno-skeptics argue that security camera footage is unsafe and puts individuals in a risky position. On the contrary, all companies are required by law to keep the data secure and prevent it being used for exploitative purposes.

Bigger pixels for a bigger picture

When getting surveillance cameras installed, there seems to be a popular misconception that you need to get extremely high resolution cameras. Sure, they may be able to get more detail out of the scene, but they’re only necessary when you’re surveilling larger spaces such as the parking lot of your workplace or public spaces like banks and train stations.

Contact our surveillance camera service technicians at Protection4Lessif you’re near Whittier, California for the best guidance on your protection needs.

Waste of resources

Money invested in your security is never money wasted. The one-time cost of installing a proper and reliable security system is going to be worth it compared to the cost of damage to property or pursuing legal justice in case of a robbery or other misfortunate incidents.

Surveillance cameras are the under-rated heroes of most untold crime solving incidents; not just in the movies, but in reality.

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