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Effectively Dealing With Porch ‘Pirates’

Have you ever been in a position where you’re waiting for an important package to arrive only to find out that it did, but you never received it?

Well, it could either be a mess up with the delivery or…Porch Pirates!

According to the statistics, over 23 million Americans have to face stolen packages and this epidemic only continues to grow. So how do you counter such a problem? It’s quite easy actually—install a surveillance camera!

This could work in two ways—either deter the pirate from going forward with it or, help you identify and catch the culprit.

No longer the victim—What you must do!

If you’re a victim of stolen packages from quite some time now, you need to find a way to counter this problem immediately! As mentioned, the best way to deal with these thieves is to install a home security camera which could either be a wired one or a wireless, portable camera.

While there’s no known way to prevent it, you can still take measures to expertly tackle the situation before it escalates further. While one of the solutions could revolve around installing a GPS in your package, this tactic often fails because, let’s face it, porch pirates are always one step ahead!

So, how do cameras help?

If you live in Long beach, CA then a security camera installation wouldn’t be all that difficult for you. But what are the features of security cameras which could actually help you out?

Here are a few things about surveillance cameras which will actually help you deal with Porch pirates:

  •  In your face!

If you choose portable, wireless cameras then you have the advantage of finding ingenious hiding spots and placing them there. If you change the settings, you can click pictures of the culprit and inform the police!

  •  Always watching!

Most porch pirates would run for the hills at the sight of a camera. Installing a surveillance camera could actually deter the crime and save your package!

  •  Night vision

Most pirates tend to do the robbery at night which means, you need to keep a close eye at all times! With the night vision in surveillance cameras, you have the advantage of capturing the culprit no matter what time it is.

  •  Motion detection

Some cameras come with the feature of motion detection which means, if you turn it on, you will be informed of any unusual movements.

Once you have that figured out, it’s time for you to actually go ahead and install a suitable camera. You can simply contact us and we’ll help you handle both your purchase as well as installation. We provide the best service there is, you have our word!