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Holding The Fort: Home Security Cameras – Where To Install Them

Many of us back in the day would snicker at the idea of the need for home surveillance. Crime and break-ins were not as common and home security systems were usually a commodity for the rich powerful and famous.

Today, however, for reasons ranging from the deteriorating conditions of law and order to the millennial ‘fear of missing out (FOMO)’, cameras, both security and otherwise are now near a bare necessity to most!

Here are some of the places you would do well to have covered when having security camera equipment installed:

Entrances: It’s not just in cartoons that break-ins often begin at the back door. According to, approximately 34% of all burglars enter our homes through the front door and another 22% of break-ins occur from the back. Furthermore, break-ins are also known to occur using first floor windows so it would be smart to have cameras installed covering these areas too.

Annexes, sheds and garages: These may be sometimes connected to but are never part of the main house. Still, the aforementioned are known to house semi valuables and could also serve as places for those with malicious intent to hide till they find and opportunity to enter the main homestead! Security cameras should be placed on the inner or outer side of these so that such areas can be monitored in times of trouble without having to leave the safety of the main house.   

Stairwells and staircases: In a two story home (such as ours), the staircase to the top story of the house is technically ones last line of defense against home invaders. Security cameras installed here are not only useful to track unwanted entries but are also handy to keep a vigilant eye on staircases in homes where there are young children or old people who are liable to slip and fall.

Backyards, balconies and basements: Here again are parts of the house that are likely vulnerable to intrusion. These also like garages and annexes often have entrances connecting to the main home which is why it is wise to have these places under watch via security cameras 24/7.

Safe storage: Finally, for those of us who have yet to place our trust in banks and the ‘system’ in general and prefer to keep our valuables close to home, it is advisable to have security cameras placed in or around the rooms where the family safe or granny’s treasure cupboard may be as these areas are liable to be the first to be targeted by potential intruders.

Advice from trained professionals will probably help ensure that our best efforts are indeed what we need to keep our homes and families safe!