It’s better to be safe than sorry. And in 2019, that means installing surveillance cameras. With crime rates in California being alarmingly high, they’ve become a necessity in public spaces and in our homes.

Surveillance through security cameras has also been proven to be effective in deterring crime and reducing crime in public places. This holds true for residential areas as well. Technological advances have allowed for improved and efficient ways of surveillance via security cameras. However, there is a lot of debate on whether security cameras are an invasion of privacy or effective at keeping criminals at bay.

To make sure you don’t invade your neighbor’s privacy with your security system, install outdoor security cameras strategically. You can learn more about the best places to install home security cameras, and why you need them in your house or apartment complex here.

There are many pros to installing security cameras over other security methods, and we’ve compiled them here for you.


There is no other technology that’s as vigilant and reliable as security cameras when it comes to surveillance.

CCTV footage is on the lookout round the clock and is not bound by time. And if enough cameras are installed, they can cover all the space on your establishment or home.

Furthermore, criminal activities take place at odd hours of the night, when people are asleep. CCTV cameras can be useful to collect information regarding who enters and exits. This sort of evidence is concrete proof and extremely useful in the event of legal proceedings.

Get a clearer picture

Surveillance cameras can be very useful for putting an end to many mysteries around your home! Are there peculiar sounds coming from the backyard that you can’t figure out who’s making? Just tap into your CCTV footage to check it out. Can’t figure out why your trash is dispersed in the yard in the morning? Maybe you have a raccoon problem in the middle of the night. Before you jump to conclusions about anything, you can refer to your security camera footage to sort out any misconceptions.

Monitor your neighborhood

Security cameras are useful not just after a crime has taken place, but before it happens as well. Most burglaries and other crimes are pre-meditated attempts and planned beforehand. All suspicious activities and patterns of criminals prior to the crime can be traced when looking at the footage. This provides enough warning to alert the right authorities and to be prepared for any event.

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