Due to soaring property prices and inflation throughout America, millennials today are buying houses at a rate far lesser than their parents, at 8 percentage points lower than Baby Boomers, and 8.4 points lower than Generation X.

In today’s house market, when most Millennials are saddled with student debt and working minimum wage jobs, they far prefer communal living due to the reduced costs of living instead of buying their own houses.

But when a number of people are living together in one building—albeit in separate units—it can become difficult for landlords to keep track of every happening inside their building. While it is extremely immoral—and also illegal in many states—to film tenants while they are inside their own units, beefing up security around the complex, in hallways, lobbies, stairwells and other public spaces is always a good idea. Here’s why:

Increased Security:

Security cameras have been known to deter burglars and vandals from robbing or vandalizing a place, as the risk of getting caught on camera is enough to scare off all but the most fearless of criminals. This could help keep tenants safe from break-ins and saves landlords from being subjected to property insurance claims.

Prevent Property Damage:

Property that has been unoccupied for a while becomes more susceptible to damage by neighborhood vandals, loitering and illegal occupation. Installing security cameras in backyards, entryways, parking spaces and garage helps keep property damage at bay, reducing your financial losses.

Keep an Eye on Maintenance Workers

Rouge maintenance workers or repairmen who enter your tenants’ units without their consent and make away with valuables are not a rare occurrence. This, unfortunately, can damage the reputation of your apartment complex and could make for some very angry tenants.

Installing a few cameras in hallways, entrances and garages could help keep track of all servicemen who regularly drop in for maintenance work.

Keep Track of Tenants and Their Guests

Tenants throwing raucous parties, inviting house guests to stay over for an indefinite amount of time or over occupying a rental unit are common problems that landlords have to face. Not only can these cause noise complaints from other tenants but also increase the risk of property damage.

Hallway, entryway and stairwell cameras can help landlords keep track of the coming and goings of their tenants and guests.

Is It Legal for Me to Put Security Cameras Around My Property?

The owner of any building is allowed to install security systems in and around their property without any legal repercussions. However, this law only allows for visible security cameras in public spaces, such as driveways, parking spaces, lobbies, hallways, entrances and exits.

Installing spy or hidden cameras inside or outside apartment units, bathrooms, bedrooms, communal change rooms or laundry areas is a breach of privacy that can make you liable to a lawsuit if the hidden camera is discovered.

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