According to a CNN report published in May, 21 weeks into 2018, and the U.S. witnessed 23 school shootings. The average? 1 shooting per week.

The latest shooting on May 18th at Santa Fe High School, Texas killed at least 8 and injured 6.

There are several things that could wrong on school property. If you are a parent or guardian of a child, you’re concerned about their safety and wellbeing. So what are the issues that we are talking about here?

  • Shooting
  • Violence
  • Abduction
  • Bullying
  • Aggression on playgrounds

Once you drop your kid off to school, there is always this dread at the back of your mind; you hope your kid is safe. Therefore, surveillance systems are contemporary methods of playing it safe, monitoring behavior and preventing crime scenes or playful aggression. In this day and age, surveillance systems are the need of the hour.

Here’s how surveillance systems can help.

Prevent bullying in schools

If you, your family member or a close friend has experienced incidents of being bullied, you have an idea of how traumatizing it can be for the one who undergoes it. Also, bullying affects all aspects of your life, be it academics, social relationships or family relationships.

In most cases, your child could be victimized but you may never know if he is not being vocal about it, unless there are subtle signs of changes in behavior. Therefore, installing surveillance systems around the school could induce kids to be more careful and cautious of strict disciplinary action in case they engage in maladaptive behaviors.

Thwart vandalism

You may have juvenile delinquents hiding in plain sight and you may never know about aggressive behaviors with proper evidence unless you install surveillance systems. Security systems outside the school could also be beneficial in preventing criminal activity.

When you install camera, criminals think twice before committing a crime because they would not want to be caught.

Keep an eye on students

Security systems can help teachers keep an eye on students, monitor their behavior outside classrooms and prevent aggression and violence. The heads would know who is accountable for an action and take appropriate disciplinary action.

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