Buying a CCTV camera is no joke. There are dizzying number types, housings and features out there. If you have little experience with this, it’s better to just leave it to a professional.

If you want a more educated and well-thought-out purchase decision, consult with a professional first.

Property Crimes Have Gone Up

There was an increase of 3.8% in property crimes in the US. Strategically placed security cameras help identify vandals and thieves. A wrong security camera will only defeat the purpose.

According to a San Francisco-UC Berkeley, CITRIS report, security cameras significantly bring down property crime rates. That’s why you should select one based on the expert suggestion of a consultant.

CCTV Camera Doesn’t Cover the Right Spot

Installing one at the wrong position or not being aware of blind spots are the most common mistakes one makes.

If you are a business owner who wants added security, one of the greatest mistakes you can make is installing the camera at the exact spot as the previous renter.

Each new business designs the interior of their store differently.  The important places at your store—like the cash counter and warehouse—may not be located in the same place.

One size does not fit all

Buying surveillance cameras off-the-shelf may seem like an easy option. A simple online search doesn’t do the job right. Have a professional survey your area, analyze your specific needs and give suggestions as to the best type of camera for you.

If you decide on bringing a consultant in the picture, here are some questions you can ask:

  • What is your company’s experience in this field?
  • What are the consultant’s qualifications and credentials?
  • What is the cost of each of the service offered?
  • What clients have you worked for before?

Here’s what you can ask about the surveillance system:

  • What angles should my cameras cover?
  • What kind of resolution is needed?
  • How are the cameras powered?
  • Is there audio feature available?
  • How much weather resistant will the camera have to be? (in case of outdoor cameras)
  • Which housing style would be ideal?
  • Can I control my cameras remotely via a smart phone or computer?
  • Is DVR/NVR an option?

Buying a CCTV right off the rack will only give a fleeting glimpse of the iceberg. There is a lot more to it. Think about which areas you want monitored preferentially, what your budget is and what will your future needs be (for example, if you’re thinking of adding an outdoor bathroom to your house).

The only way of confidently making a purchase decision is to consult with an expert who knows his stuff. A good consultant will simplify the complicated technical lingo of the surveillance industry for you.

If you’re looking for experts to guide you through the confusing process, look no further. We at Protection4Less have highly trained professionals who make it a point to give you the best results.

To give a precise proposal our team of technicians will first visit your property, give you an in-depth analysis of your needs, and offer suggestions for the perfect surveillance system that meets those needs. This is followed by a surveillance camera installation.

Protection4Less has more than a decade’s experience in this field and offers full consultations to interested parties. We install quality security cameras for your homes, offices and retail shops in Whittier and Ontario, CA. We offer a 2-year warranty on our CCTV services and products.

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