CCTV systems are an essential part of keeping residential as well as commercial properties safe. While many clients understand the need for such systems, others are drawn to the idea ever since the rate of violent crimes in California has increased.

It’s important for individuals to know what to expect when having security cameras installed. It’s also essential to employ the services of an experienced service.

Here are some questions to ask your CCTV installation service:

What kind of hard drives are being used?

The best of CCTV cameras are of no use when the hard drive used isn’t good enough. The CCTV system won’t last as long and there will be issues along the way if the hard drive isn’t up to speed.

Special, surveillance grade hard drives are required for CCTV cameras. Check with the installation company to ensure they are using the right hard drive for the system. You don’t want to be running out of space once it starts recording.

Is the CCTV system weatherproof?

If the security cameras are going to be installed outdoors, they need to be waterproof. The cameras and their wiring must be able to withstand heavy rain as well as strong winds. Check the IP rating of the camera to double check whether or not it will perform well in harsh weather. The cameras installed outdoors must be IP66 or higher.

A high IP rating won’t be needed if the cameras are going to be installed indoors.

What kind of cable does your service use?

The quality of cables used when installing security cameras is essential. Invest in the highest quality cables you can afford. The use of substandard cables will soon result in system failure and premature wiring and camera repairs. Installation companies, to save money, often use copper-coated aluminum cables, but they fail the network certification tests.

Are there any monthly fee charged?

Some security camera installation services quote really low prices for their services, prices that are too good to be true. They tend to inform clients of the monthly fees once the installation is completed. Before you sign up for your CCTV system, make sure you read the fine print and ask them upfront about any hidden fees and monthly fees charged.

Certain CCTV installation services require clients to opt out of the live viewing option when their monthly fee ends.

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