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Security Expert Tips On Setting Up Your Home Security Cameras

Did you know that, according to a study, most burglars do not break into a house that has security cameras and alarms installed?


Setting up home security cameras can be the perfect way to discourage burglars and intruders from breaking in to your home. In addition, they are equally great at monitoring your children when home alone (or better yet, discovering who raids the kitchen and empties the fridge after dark)!

To make the most of this device, however, homeowners must choose the right cameras for their homes, and install them at the right spot. And for this, it’s important that they have their security goals in mind when they’re getting the cameras installed.

Here are a few security expert tips to set up your home security cameras.

Installing Security Cameras Above The Front And Back Doors

Around 34 percent of burglars break into homes through the front door, while 22 percent of them enter through the back door, according to another study.

To prevent burglars from entering into your homes using the front or back door, you need a camera stationed above both doors. If you can install them at an unreachable height, even better!

Also, choose cameras that are weatherproof and come with a night vision feature.


Installing Cameras On Basement Stairs

Most basements have small windows or access doors that a burglar may use to enter the house. By placing a camera over the staircase connecting your home to the basement, you can double the protection.

When securing the basement, make sure to install security cameras that have motion sensors and night vision features.

Installing Cameras In The Backyard

Things such as garden machinery, bicycles, and expensive lawn left outside can draw an intruder’s attention to your yard.

Avoid danger by installing surveillance cameras with special night vision features and motion-sensor floodlights.

Make sure the camera is in plain sight, so that potential burglars think twice before targeting your home.

Installing Cameras Over Off Street Windows


Burglars always look for the safest way to break in. For this reason, off-street windows are an ideal choice. By placing cameras close to off-street windows, you can actually catch them in the act!

Always install wireless security cameras that come with remote controls, or can be operated with a tablet or mobile phone.

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