We all take measurements to protect our property. Whether we want to secure our business or our home, we want to be kept safe from harm. One of the measurements we take to ensure protection of our property is through surveillance cameras.

While that is understandable, many homeowners and businesspersons are often unaware of the legal requirements of installing CCTV cameras on their property. They often buy the products required without looking into the legal formalities. Here a few things you should be aware of before installing a camera in your home or office:

Recording Without Knowledge is Illegal: Many homeowners are unaware that webcams cannot be used for recording purposes. According to California’s laws, it is illegal to use a recording device to record an individual without their knowledge. This includes webcams and concealed camcorders to record guests and family.

However, there are certain rules when it comes to photographs/images on your property and you may file a request 5 days before you take legal action against an individual. This is related to unwelcomed guests/intruders. When installing CCTV cameras inside your home or outside on your property, make sure that they do not compromise the privacy of your neighbors.

Selling Footage is Illegal: While it may seem like a silly thing to do, it is illegal for you to sell footage of another person, especially if they are unaware of its existence. Selling it online or in the marketplace is prohibited even if the camera used is a part of your property.

Recordings Can Only Be Used to Prove a Crime: Most states allow homeowners and businesses to protect their property by installing CCTV cameras. However, the catch is that it should be strictly used to prevent a crime from taking place or for reporting purposes. If an individual is caught trying to upload the footage of a harmless person on social media networks, they are to be charged.

Some laws also protect the identity of criminals, especially if they are under the age of 18. Therefore, it’s best to avoid public showing of recordings when capturing a culprit red-handed.

When dealing with guests, the best course of action is to make them aware that you have cameras installed in your home. This will also prevent crime from taking place.

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