Do you know that home burglary happens every 25.7 seconds in the U.S. on average, each break-in lasts eight to 10 minutes?  Home invasion is a common type of criminal activity: is the act of invading a home while people are still in the property. Home invasion involves unlawful acts such as stealing, damaging property or any of several personal violent crimes.

Burglary is the act of breaking into a home or structure without permission with the intent to commit at least one additional crime, such as theft, damage or other harm while inside. Burglary and home burglary are defined by whether items are stolen from outside or inside the home. A burglary isn’t always a home invasion, and a home invasion isn’t necessary for a burglary to occur.Break-in

Burglary laws were developed to safeguard people’s homes and to prevent violence, not to protect against theft. Other laws criminalize the taking of property; instead, burglary laws are meant to preserve the sanctity of a dwelling and to shield residents from harmful encounters with burglars in their houses.

How to protect your home, family and values:

  1. Security cameras will generally deter and reduce burglary. If you install a security camera, your home is safer than a home without a it. Criminals don’t want to be watched or recorded this is one of the major reasons they are so effective. (there is no monthly fee)
  2. Get a dog is not a bad idea to protect your home.
  3. Get an alarm is also a good thing to protect you home. (monthly fee)
  4. Organize a Neighborhood Watch. Go to this link: :
  5. Always be alert of your home surroundings.

Final thoughts:

Security cameras, if spotted, it will usually keep bad people out of your property. Have a security camera with a long range infrared (picture below) is important to maintain clear pictures at night time. Final point:  organize a Neighborhood Watch.


Varifocal Security camera to watch Monitors

4 megapixel, long infrared range (131 Feet) security camera