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3 Bizarre Crimes Solved Thanks to CCTV Cameras

In the modern day, surveillance cameras have become an integral part of buying/renting a home and if you’re someone who doesn’t really believe in its importance, then you’re jeopardizing a lot more than you might think.

Did you know that approximately around 3 million robberies were reported in 2015 alone? You can expect those figures to be a lot worse now!

Having a surveillance system is not only practical for preventing burglaries, but they’ve also been known to solve crimes! That’s two great things for the price of one!

Solving crimes made easier!

Now, thanks to security camera installations, police work has become much easier! Here are a few crimes that CCTV footages helped to solve:

Grand Theft Auto: Cattle abduction!

Who knew these things actually happen but apparently they do!

Two men from California stole cows from a cattle ranch and thanks to surveillance cameras, the police were able to track their pursuit. With CCTV footages of every turn they took, it didn’t take too long for them to get caught and return the cattle to their rightful owners!

Abduction of Carlesha Freeland

A different kind of abduction took place quite recently right outside a store. Surveillance cameras caught sight of a Ford Taurus slow down. A man ran out of it, and abducted a woman—later identified Carlesha.

This footage was later revealed and significantly helped detectives to track down the kidnapper. Carlesha was then returned to her family safe and sound!

Murder of James Bulger

Here’s a much more severe case of an abduction caught by the surveillance cameras.

James Bulger, a two-year-old boy was abducted from a shopping center and later tortured and killed. The investigation was in process and it was because of the CCTV footages that helped the police to catch the abductors.

These aren’t the only cases where surveillance cameras helped investigators in solving crimes; there are plenty more that usually goes unheard.

It really makes you want to think more about investing in one, right?

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