Security camera San Gabriel, CA

Security and CCTV Camera Installation San Gabriel, CA

Get affordable Security Camera installation on San Gabriel, CA and CCTV equipment with commercial quality and 2 years warranty. Security cameras allow you to see what’s going on inside and around your home, with recorder or live video. Some security camera systems allow you to use cloud services to store the recording of the DVR. The DVR usually uses a hard disk to storage the video of the cameras, but what happen if the DVR is stolen and you don’t have cloud service: you lost the video of the event. So have a remote backup of your DVR recording is a good idea. Some security cameras an spy cameras has a micro SD input to store the recording directly on the SD card, but even in this situation the camera can be stolen. One of the best ideas is to hide the DVR and control it remotely. The DVR can be hidden in the attic or another place. When somebody broke in in your house they have to work very fast, is like get in and out in less than 5 minutes, which is not enough time to find the DVR in a secret location.  Protection4less can offer you remote control of your security camera system remotely. You can use a big screen TV and a wireless mouse. If you are watching something in your TV and if you want to watch your cameras, the only thing that you have to do is to change the input of your TV. When we connect the DVR to your LAN, the network inside of your home, you can use tablet or other devices to watch your cameras using your Wi-Fi. If you want the best security camera system with a long warranty, just give us a call the estimate is free.