Long Distance Wireless Commercial Security Camera Setup

Sometimes we have to cover big distances to install security cameras; run wires are no practical, and certainly expensive.

Basically we install wireless camera system when we have to link cameras on remote locations, or different buildings. Check the following picture:

Wireless camera setup

In this case we have to link the cameras from bulding#2 to the NVR located on building #1, between the buildings we have a parking lot.  This kind of setup evidently can’t be used on analog security camera. This systems work with NVR and IP cameras (network camera). The set of 2 Ubiquiti NanoBeam make the link between these 2 buildings, sending and receiving digital signals. Ubiquiti NanoBeam, have a range of max. 9.3 miles and a frequency of 5 Ghz. This system complies with IEEE 802.11ac on Wireless LAN Standard. To establish the connection between 2 NanoBeams they have to see each other, without objects blocking direct view between them. The Ubiquity works like extending the LAN network. When we install the network, like the sample in the picture above eventually we’ll get the IP address of the IP cameras #3 and #4 from the router located on building #1. The NVR will get the signal of camera #3 and #4 from the router. To power and manage the signals of the IP cameras an PoE switch must be used.


When we have long distance between IP cameras and NVR, a wireless link must be used. There are several technologies for accomplish this purpose, we use Nanobeams. Generally the IP addresses of the NVR and IP cameras must be given for the Network administrator of the company, or the IT department.

Furthermore, this same system can be used to send internet signal between buildings.