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All our surveillance systems are viewable from multiple locations world wide, through smart phone or computer.


We install residential and commercial security camera systems

We provide: custom and professional Installations

Get affordable Security Camera on Canoga Park CA. Installation included; commercial quality and 2-3 years warranty. To feel secure, and protect your property, on Canoga Park, CA for instance, you’ll need a security camera system. After we visit your property, we’ll be able to provide a detailed proposal. We’ll analyze the technical requirements, and different aspects of the installation; therefore you’ll get the best results. In the proposal, we’ll provide a camera map, cost and models of the equipment, description of the plan, customer references, etc. Consequently the customer will have enough and detailed information of the security camera system installation. We provide security camera installation residential and commercial as well in Canoga Park Ca. Call (562) 556-7545 to get more information.

Analyzing the requirements of the Security Camera Installation.

Security Camera with pipeAbove all, the DVR/NVR (digital video recorder) location is especially important. Firstly Some customers prefer to hide the DVR/NVR, otherwise, some other want it next to the TV. Secondly the type of camera has to be selected according to the location to get the best results. Finally the path and type of wire has be planned and approved for the customer. The last step is especially important to fulfill the installation requirements of the installation. In some cases we have to install conduit pipe to protect the camera wiring. We only use high quality, or commercial quality cameras; moreover, we’ll give you the best price on the market.

There are 2 main types of security camera technologies.

NVR and DVR systems are the 2 main types of technologies on Security Camera Systems. These technologies, comes with similar resolutions. NVR is a Network Video Recorder, and DVR is a Digital Video Recorder. These technologies use different type of wiring to transport signal and power. Generally NVR technology is more costly than DVR technology. Either with NVR systems or DVR systems most of the security cameras are nigh vision (infrared), vandal proof, and weather proof. Furthermore you can have either system installed on commercial or residential applications. However the selection of the system has to be selected by the kind of setup and budget.

Remote access

Remote accessAfterwards the security camera installation, we’ll provide you with information to download an app for your smartphone. The app will work on iPhone, or Android (Samsung, etc.). During the installation of the app, you’ll have to create an account with your email address, or your phone number. Eventually you’ll have to scan a QR code on the DVR/NVR lo link your security camera system to your phone app. Following the app installation, you’ll be able see your cameras in real time, or playback. The security camera system also will have access on computers and tablets.

Smartphone apps

Smart phone appThe smartphone apps are user friendly and simple to use. We always provide training upon completion of the installation. Learning how to use the app is matter of minutes. The apps are capable to send push notifications on your phone in the case of intrusion. With the app also you’ll be able to zoom images, and take pictures. Surely you’ll control your business; Moreover your inventory and employees. Managing your home, security cameras makes you feel in control. If you are not at home you can see your home surroundings and check for suspicious people, or vehicles. Besides this

Protection4Less will give you the best solutions on Commercial and residential security cameras on Canoga Park California

We offer a comprehensive range of security camera products and security camera installation across LA County. In addition to providing home security installation, we also help secure and cover business premises, offices, shopping areas, etc. In conclusion, we’ll get you a system with ideal security coverage that fits in your security camera needs, and budget. We ensure a quick and reliable job, with minimal interruptions to the day-to-day proceedings on location.

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