If you ask any retail owner what are the security challenges their store faces, they’d have a long list of things to tell you. Some will say protecting their customers and employees in the store is a priority. Others will say they worry about stopping internal theft, and other profit or product losses, followed by a strong desire to make better business decisions based on more detailed insights on the store’s performance during business hours. Security professionals can help their commercial clients find stronger retail solutions by pre-planning for a more effective surveillance project that will not only protect product assets, but also see where and how the store can be improved. Internal Theft Internal theft continues to plague retailers every year. Some of the loss can be attributed to internal or employee theft. More retailers are looking for stronger POS support to prevent the next internal crime or even employee sweet-hearting at the register. Owning and operating a DVR or NVR with text overlay capabilities adds more value to a POS system which can deter an internal crime. The system records video and adds a text overlay of the customer’s purchase to match. The transaction can easily be recalled during playback from the DVR/NVR, and solve any discrepancies and prevent retail crimes by employees or customers. Sometimes to install a autofocus camera watching the transactions on the register display is enough to keep tracking of the cash movements.

Varifocal camera to watch displays

Protect customers and employees while improving business operations Security professionals can help their retail clients by giving them a stronger solution to protect their employees, customers, and save their products from loss. The Fisheye Network IP Camera , eliminates blind spots utilizing a 360-degree view within the store to identify suspicious activity quickly and even stop it. This camera also offers heat map imaging, used for better insight into store traffic. Heat map images shows where store traffic might bottle neck or where there’s no traffic in the store. This imperative information can be used to make better business decisions about product marketing and placement to bring more people into the store for greater profits. Keep track of the numbers Intelligent people counting is a very valuable analytic. It can provide specific data for retailers to make better informed decisions. It’s based on the detailed insights given by the Platinum Network People Counting IP Camera 1.3MP – Indoor, CMIP7812W. The camera is installed over doorways to count customers entering and exiting the store.

The numbers are accurately calculated and easily exported into a data report with conversions and business peak hours. Other valuable analytics for retail include line crossing and intrusion detection. Line Crossing is a supported technology on IP cameras, which detects people walking or moving objects in your store that cross a virtual line. Crossing that line can trigger an alarm. Line Crossing is best used at the entrance and exit of a retail store even suited for loading docks, and parking lots. Another key feature with IP cameras  Intrusion Detection. With this feature, store owners/managers can keep an eye on specific areas such as a stockroom or loading dock that might need extra protection. Activity in the area from someone breaking in or an object can trigger alarms, and analytic algorithms can prevent false positives.

Recording Audio Adding sound brings another dimension to forensic evidence.


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