If you buy a “Do it yourself camera kit”, you’ll have 2 options to get it.

Security Camera Kit

When you get your DIY system, you’ll get all the components to put the system to work: DVR/NVR, cameras, cables and power supply.

Option#1: Get the equipment on line:  You will have to invest some time doing research to choose the equipment that fit in your budget. You’ll find many brands and companies that offer the security camera Kit, at a really low price. The experience told us that “you get what you pay for”, If you do not pay much money for something, it is probably of poor quality. Additionally, if you don’t have technical expertise how are you going to choose the right one for you?  Besides this you’ll need to install the cameras by yourself, or hire an installer. Evidently the price of the security camera project could go up.

Option#2: Get the equipment from stores: you can go to the store and get it. If you don’t have a clue, you rely on reviews of the product, or advice of the sales clerk of the store. Same as point “a”, the price of the security camera project will go up if you have to hire an installer.

DIY can be easy if you have skills to perform the security camera installation.

DIY security camera installationTackling a major project can be very satisfying. When you get the kit, be sure, that the wires reach every location where you want to place the cameras. You have to be prepare to spend long hours running wires, sometimes in tight and hot spaces such as your attic. Besides this, if you want to hire the wiring inside the wall you’ll need to have the right tools. You have to be aware that if you make a hole to run a wire, you can hit a water line or electrical line, consequently you have to be very careful. The next step is to mount the cameras in the right place. The last step is connecting the NVR/DVR to your network and setup the app on your smartphone.


Security Camera Installer with protectionOn DIY installation how you will know that your system is going to work fine, when you install it at your home, or business? A security camera system can work fine at day time, but at night is when a low quality system lack of picture detail, and infrared range (night vision).  Eventually you may need to replace a camera, or even the DVR. However the warranty that you’ll get from the retailer is not going to cover the cost to replace something on the system.

You can get your security camera system from professionals, like Protection4Less, instead retailers. We offer commercial and residential security camera installation. Surely you’ll get a commercial quality security camera system, design it accordingly to your needs and budget. You’ll get full 2-3 years full warranty on installation and parts.