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5 Common Mistakes When Installing Wireless Security Cameras

With a variety of security cameras available at affordable rates today, there is no excuse for not having a security system at your residential and commercial facility.


As wireless security cameras continue to grow increasingly common, you no longer need to worry about long wires getting tangled up in your homes or offices, nor the hassle of monthly fees or add-ons.

However, just because wireless security cameras are easy to install, doesn’t mean you can’t mess them up. Despite their plug and play nature, homeowners make a lot of mistakes when installing wireless security cameras. Here are a few common ones.

1. Poor Positioning


For best results, wireless cameras need to be angled correctly. It is important for people to consider obstructions while positioning their wireless security cameras and make sure that they are not exposed to harsh lighting.

People also make the mistake of installing cameras in remote areas. They must make sure that they install their wireless security cameras at places where they can catch Wi-Fi signals. This would significantly improve video transmission.

2. Not Installing Sufficient Cameras

You should always invest in a number of wireless security cameras. They may provide a great view, but one wireless security camera alone cannot cover your entire home.

Plus, every time you zoom in or out, the picture gets more pixilated. So, by installing more cameras you will be able to cover all areas and not have to use zoom-in and zoom-out features more often.

3. No Remote Control

Since not all cameras offer remote control or come with sneak peek features, people should make sure that they choose cameras that do offer these features.

4. Forgetting Passwords

Installing a wireless security camera means adding two more passwords to your list. Although people tend to forget their passwords, in this case, they simply cannot afford to.

5. Not Entirely Wireless

Though wireless security cameras give you the benefit of not sticking your camera to a router or Ethernet cable, you still need wires to power them. There are just a few wireless cameras that work on batteries.

However, if your cameras are installed at a considerable height, changing batteries regularly may become a tough task. In such a case, you may want to look for a permanent fixture.

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