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5 Ways to Improve Security and Safety in Our Schools

Our nation’s schools are faced with plenty of constantly growing threats—bullying, drugs, violence, terrorism and other criminal activities.

Is your school prepared for the worst?

Security starts with the school management.

These 5 ways to improve school safety will help you get started:

Set up a security team

Start off by hiring a dedicated team of security professionals to keep a check on your school perimeter. Make sure the staff is well aware of what they should do in emergency situations. The nature of threats schools face today require quick action.

Put a communication system in place

Communication is the key to make it through practically any sort of crisis. Equip your staff and security team with radios and smartphones. Moreover, give relevant members access to student database so they can acquire student medical records and contact information.

Define your plan and let everyone know

Create a comprehensive policy that defines the type of behavior that is acceptable and unacceptable.

Train the faculty for what they should do in emergencies and how they can potentially defuse violent situations.

Remember to promote participation of parents. Outline all procedures for crisis management and practice all those procedures on a regular to ensure everyone is up to date.

Work on student relationships

The easiest way to prevent drugs, bullying and violence in school premises is to build a trusting relationship with your students. When students feel unappreciated or alienated, they might go to any limits to gain attention. See what happens when you start to improve student relationships and let them know that you care.

Install a comprehensive security surveillance system

Nothing helps prevent security and safety threats better than installing a strategically laid out network of security cameras. Install HD and infrared security cameras around the premises of the school, entries and exits, yards and corridors. Security cameras don’t just help you keep an eye, but also deter potential criminal activities.

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