A new house is more than a bunch of walls and tiles cemented together. It’s a culmination of your life-long aspirations and a source of pure happiness for your family. Buying your own house is arguably one of the greatest milestones someone can reach.

But, before your family moves into their new home, it’s important to ask if you’ve done enough to make it secure for them.

A small hitch in security can have disastrous implications. Here are a couple of security measures you need to incorporate in your new home:

1) Add ample lights

A well-lit home exterior makes burglars feel like the house is occupied. Burglars and thieves love the sense of security dark spaces provide them. Ample lighting will make them feel like they’re in the spotlight, easily detectable. This especially applies to houses that have a huge lawn or an exterior swimming pool. To take security up a notch, you can also add motion sensitive lights which only get activated when someone trips the motion detector.

2) Get strong, solid doors

Glass doors do add to the aesthetic appeal of a house and make it look more luxurious, but trust us, they’re the easiest way for a burglar to get in. One stroke of a hammer and your glass will shatter into pieces, paving the way for a burglar to get in. A door made of wood ore or metal is generally a safe bet. Steel doors, along with high-security locks, can make a burglar’s job almost impossible.

3) Install security cameras

No one can deceive a camera. A good CCTV surveillance system gives you access to all the hidden corners of your house at a glance on your smartphone. If anything in your house goes missing, you can always review the CCTV footage to know if your house-help or a guest is behind it. Security cameras can be placed literally anywhere; outside the main gate, in the garden, inside the closet, or even in the backyard.

They’re also available in various options, depending on the specific need of your house. You can get a security camera that is weather resistant, moveable, motion-sensitive, with night vision, or Wi-Fi enabled.

It’s essential to not just get CCTV cameras, but to also have them installed strategically. A good CCTV service provider will always suggest the best spots for installation, which enhances the overall security of the house.

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