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Get Creative: The Best Places to Install Your CCTV Camera

Whether you’re installing surveillance cameras for your home or your business, remember to trust your gut. It’s important to never compromise your security. Before you install cameras, ask all sorts of questions and think about how you can maintain your property.

But with criminals becoming smarter and more skilled in the art of unwiring cameras, you have to take precautionary measures. This means installing them in places that aren’t obvious so that you can ensure safety of your property and take legal action in case there are any break-ins.

Here are a few places you can install surveillance cameras:

  • The Front Door

According to statistics published by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 34 percent of criminals enter homes through the front door. But the problem that arises is if they have a weapon, they can knock out your camera. Therefore, it’s best to install it at second-floor level. You can also install the camera at the eves of your home and then aim it towards the front door. Use some kind of decoration piece or hanging to cover the backside of the camera. This will also help you capture the criminal’s face if they aren’t wearing a mask.

Besides the front door, you should also install the camera inside the backdoor.

  • Basement Stairs

Several housing designs have hatches that lead to the basement. They also have windows that are enough to let criminals sneak inside. Installing your camera in the basement stairs can help capture the criminal’s face when they enter.

Pro Tip: Install a motion-sensory camera that comes equipped with night vision. Since basements aren’t used often, they’re the perfect route to your house for criminals.

  • Vents:

One way to hide surveillance cameras around your home is to install them inside the vents in your home. However, make sure to check on the cameras frequently to avoid moisture or external substances such as bird droppings and feathers from damaging the camera. This will help you monitor your home effectively in case there’s a break-in.

  •  Your Car

Your car is also your property and a valuable one at that. Most people forget about the importance of securing their car because they focus on their homes and business. Adding a camera to your car will help ensure its safety in case there is a break-in or it gets stolen.

At, your safety is our number one priority. We offer security camera installation in Ontario, California. Contact us today if you’re looking for CCTV products support services.