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Right Place, Right Time: CCTV to the Rescue

Do you have a CCTV camera at your home?

CCTV Cameras have been a game changer for the security of homes and offices. Last year a study by the Nottingham Trent University illustrated that CCTV cameras proved to be valuable in 65 percent of criminal cases.

CCTV cameras are like an extra pair of eyes, which prevents shady people from carrying out criminal activities.  These cameras act as a psychological tool that makes the criminals act in a “restricted” manner, keeping them at bay.

Front Door

The most important place for a CCTV camera has to be your front entrance. It is a spot that will help in the monitoring of any known or unknown parties that enter in your home directly. Studies have shown that thieves usually enter the house through the front doors.. However, when you are installing them, make sure you install them at a greater height as some burglars attempt to disable them if they can reach it with their hands.

Other Doors

To save money, some people only install a CCTV near the front door. However, not every burglar will try the front entrance. Many are smart enough to invade the premises of your home through other doors, especially the back door. Hence, it is necessary to have all your doors equipped with a CCTV camera. A single-time investment can go on to save a great deal of damages.


You would be surprised by how sophisticated and tech-savvy criminals are today. Before entering a home, thieves usually scout it for some days. They do this so that they can identify places that are the easiest to enter from and that are not being surveilled by a CCTV. Mostly, it is the windows that do not fall under a CCTV surveillance footage.  Therefore, such windows provide an excellent opening for a criminal’s nefarious purposes. Therefore, you should have a CCTV installed near your windows such that they take the view outside your window under their vision. But at the same time make sure the CCTV’s are out of sight so that they cannot be viewed from the street.


You can find many online videos on the internet that will show thieves breaking into a garage in just a few seconds. These criminals have a toolbox that is filled with different gadgets and equipment through which the garage can be invaded easily. Hence, a CCTV camera installation on a garage is a wise strategy to safeguard your home.

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