Security is a major cause of concern for homeowners these days. In the year, 2012 burglaries occurred at a rate of 572 per 100,000 inhabitants in Metropolitan counties. This makes the use of security cameras all the more important.

While security cameras are effective tools, which can help in ensuring the security of the homeowners, their effectiveness depends upon their placement.

A strategically placed security camera can help ensure that a) nobody breaks in; b) it prevents any act of vandalism.

Here is a list of five best places to install home security cameras:

The Front Door

Sixty percent of the burglaries that take place in households involve forced entry. The front door is a popular point of entry for criminals. A security camera placed on the door helps in deterring criminals from entering the house.

Certain companies offer surveillance systems, which give you live feed on your cell phones. This helps you in keeping track of who comes in and out of your house at all times. If you have children, it also helps in keeping track of what they are up to while you’re at work.

Back Door

Just like your front door, you need to make sure that your back door is safe as well. Twenty two percent of the burglars enter homes through back doors.

This is the reason why it is important for you to place a camera at your back door as well. You also need to ensure that the camera is not within reach of human hands in order to ensure that the burglars do not throw it.

The Window on the First Floor

Another easy access point for thieves and burglars is the window on the first floor. Window glasses are less secure compared to front doors.

Placing the camera outside the window helps capture images of anyone attempting to enter your house through the windows.

Camera Aimed At the Backyard

Your backyard is another area of your house that can serve as an entry point for burglars. The backyard consists of some expensive lawn equipment along with other items like your kids’ bikes.

Make sure that your surveillance camera is in view of the gate to ensure the security of your items.

Basement Stairs

Many people have small windows in their basements, which are large enough for an intruder to crawl in. Some basements also consist of hatches and doors, which can serve as entry points.

A surveillance camera placed above the basement stairs is quite effective in recording intruders.

If you intend to install home security cameras in your house, we suggest getting in touch with us. We offer a wide range of CCTV products that ensure that you and your loved ones always stay safe and secure.