Imagine a smokin’ pasta dish served hot on a platter with tantalizing red sauce— before savoring over this expertly presented meal, a customary Instagram photo is captured with a smartphone for the world to see with a fancy hashtag and a check-in.

After completing all the obligatory pre-restaurant-meal rituals the customer dives in without giving a care about the world. After the meal it’s a must to check the social media to see how friends have reacted, but wait the phone is nowhere to be found on the table, or in the bag, or on the seat. Taking a full minute to panic the customer approaches the restaurant manager for help.  You help looking for it, but this verbal investigation goes to waste. The customer walks out vowing never to return, feeling perplexed due to the loss and the restaurant’s incapability.

All this could have been avoided if only you had installed a security camera at your restaurant. Customers are required to lookout for their belonging, but with provision of extra security you can provide them with additional satisfaction.

So, if you haven’t installed a CCTV camera at your restaurant, here are a few reasons for you to go online and start looking got the best security camera installation in Long Beach, CA.

Prevent Fraudulent Customer Lawsuit

Spills and slips are prone to happen in a restaurant if there is grease or water on the floor. But some people seek unfair means to get settlements for their unwarranted illnesses and injuries from restaurants. You can save yourself from becoming a victim to their scheme with help of a surveillance camera. If a customer makes a claim, then you can watch the events on your camera’s feed to judge their credibility.

Apart from protecting your business from false customer claims, you also need to save customers from each other. Your goal should be to provide a safe place for people to gather, eat, and enjoy. Disputes amongst the customer can tarnish your restaurant reputation. You can clear any ambiguity regarding the dispute by providing footage of the incidence. This way you can play the role of responsible citizen and prove that your restaurant is not accountable for any personal dispute.

Prevent Violence At Work

According to National Safety Council, around 2,380 injuries resulting from workplace violence were reported by US hospitality and leisure sector. With the hawk-eye of the security camera you can keep an eye on all the drama that goes around in your kitchen, and take strict actions before things brew into a fight.

Improve Productivity

By installing a security camera you can free yourself with continuous monitoring of your employees. This provides you with free time to focus on other important tasks that are more beneficial for your business, like designing a new menu.

Limit Theft

You may know every detail about your permanent employees, but when you get substitutes for shifts or sick days, your valuable possessions are at a risk of theft. With help of a security camera you can easily keep an eye on the cash register and kitchen inventory.

Limit Overpouring

Your staff works really hard to get a good tip from the customer, and in order to attain this objectives they might be overpouring drinks or servings to please the customers. By monitoring the bar and the table you can ensure that customers are only served what they paid for.

Aid In Preventing Sexual Harassment At Workplace

According to US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 14.2 percent of sexual harassment claims were made from the food and accommodation service industry. You can save your restaurant and your employees from becoming a victim of this menace with help of a security camera.

In addition to security of your property and possessions security cameras provide you with peace of mind. Let us help make your business secure and successful with help of our effective and low cost security solutions. Protection4Less provides you with product recommendation based on the location, floor plan, and nature of your businesses. So, call (562) 556-7545and get expert advice on security cameras installation.