CCTV cameras have seen significant advancements since their inception which  dates back to year 1942. Since then, they have been used on a large scale for various residential and commercial purposes.

The modern technological developments of CCTV cameras have also made them more dynamic in nature, and people can now avail these services in accordance with their personal needs and requirements.

Here is a short guide to the different types of CCTV cameras:

Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV cameras are mainly designed for indoor security purposes. They are unobtrusive in nature, and are used in areas where the camera is visible in nature and is not meant to be hidden. Speed Dome CCTV cameras permit the user to move the camera at their convenience. There are also cameras that rotate automatically and are used to cover larger areas or evade poor light conditions.

Battery Powered CCTV Cameras

These are not attached to any wires for power or data transmission. All you need to do is insert batteries to get them to work. You don’t even need to worry about battery life with these CCTV cameras, as they consume less power and each battery can last you around 4-6 months every time you charge them. However, it is important to note that battery powered CCTV cameras are distinctly designed to detect motion and are incapable of recording footage 24-hours a day.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

These types of CCTV cameras are available in a cylindrical shape. They are typically used to view longer distances, and are designed to capture images from specific points in certain areas. Bullet CCTV cameras are also attached to walls or ceilings, and are most commonly used for indoor applications. Modern developments have also made them waterproof in nature, and they are now being installed in casings. These casings shield them against dirt, dust and rain.

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