Surveillance cameras and other security installations are very effective crime-fighting tools. And since it’s your job as a business owner to protect your employees, customers, and premises from external and internal threats, you should strongly consider using them.

However, legal issues and privacy concerns often crop up when people mention installing security cameras. Here’s how you can do so legally.

Surveillance and Privacy Laws

The United States has a clear set of laws and regulations that aim to protect citizens’ civil liberties. These must be clearly observed and followed, and include:

  • Constitutionally, the first and fourth amendment protect the public from surveillance and ‘search and seizure.’
  • Data Protection Act: Individuals have the right to access information on them recorded by surveillance equipment. Any such individual must be made aware of the purpose of the data collection and has the choice to give consent for use of such data or protect it against misuse. If a person suffers losses due to the distribution of such data, there must be proper accountability and reparations provided.
  • Every state has different regulations and, therefore, different legal proceedings if unauthorized video surveillance is conducted of any individual or group

Why is There a Need for Commercial Surveillance?

A workplace requires video surveillance for a number of reasons, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Monitoring and deterring criminal activities
  • Additional security for individuals in the vicinity
  • Reduction of costs and risks
  • Ensuring discipline among employees and staff
  • Prevention of safety incidents

Best Practice Tips

While there are certain situations where surveillance tools are susceptible to abuse, their need, legality, and effectiveness on business premises cannot be denied. If you’ve recently installed surveillance cameras around and in your office, follow these tips for a better business-employee relationship.

  • Make sure to clearly communicate the reasons for their installation to all concerned parties
  • Ensure that all privacy obligations and legal regulations have been observed
  • The cameras should be clearly visible, so visitors and staff are aware of their presence. Put up signs in case they’re hidden or camouflaged and can be missed at first glance.

Criminal and illegal activities are a bitter reality. From white collar offences to violent crime, catching criminals is hard, but with the appropriate support, it’s possible.

Since every individual has a right to protect themselves, Protection4Less offers extensive security plans for residential and commercial clients in Los Angeles and California. We comply with all state and federal laws when installing security equipment and provide warranties on all equipment, as well as free installations.

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