Security camera Kit
  1. .- If you want to save money, going for the cheapest is not a smart option regarding technology.

If you want to buy a low budget system: evidently you can’t expect reliability on it. The DVR/NVR can fail on recording; the cameras will have short infrared range, bad camera picture, the phone app doesn’t work right, etc. Besides this, the some security camera kits; sometimes doesn’t fit on your needs, like: cable length, lack of junction boxes, and finally the recording time on the DVR/NVR is not enough for your needs.

Conclusion: Try to get the best DIY equipment for your money. Before installation, is always a good idea to connect the NVR/DVR to all the cameras with the cable provided by the security camera kit.  At this time, you can check that all the cameras are working fine.

  1. – Choosing the wrong Locations for Cameras.

If you are in tight budget, and you only have a just a few cameras to cover your property:  try to prioritize the location of the cameras. Check bushes, trees, and obstructions near the camera location. Check the infrared range of the cameras. (Night vision)

What do you think that you need to cover first? : Your front door, your cars, or your back yard. Many people choose to install a camera at the front door, to see people, and packages that had been delivered. The new technology on cameras, have speaker and microphone:  so you can talk with people at your door.

If you choose the wrong spot for one of the cameras, you’ll have to re-run the wiring and reinstall the camera.

Conclusion: always check every location of the camera, and the lens of the camera:  to be sure that you are getting the cover that you want. For example a camera with 2.8 mm lenses has a vision of 90 degrees.  Check also the infrared range of the camera; this is really important to get the picture that you want at night.

  1. – Bad security Camera Cable Installation.

Don’t run camera wiring over your home roof. Firstly the wire won’t last because is exposed to rain and heat (UV rays); secondly the wires over the roof look bad, and thirdly if the roof has to be repaired, all wiring has to be removed.

If you have a 1 story home: certainly it’s always good idea to hide, and protect the camera wiring:  Install the camera wire through the attic.

When you run your camera wire through the attic, you have to be sure that each wire is long enough to connect the NVR/DVR to the each camera location. Don’t run the wire next to power lines, or inside pipes that already have power lines. Don’t leave the wiring exposed to the elements, or hanging.

Conclusion: When you install the camera do not leave cable connections exposed to the environment:  use junction box, electrical box, or hide the connections inside the wall.

  1. –Installation of Wireless Security Camera everywhere: some customers prefer to use wireless cameras, to avoid the hassle of the wiring camera installation, or because there is no other way to install a camera on one spot. Wireless cameras need power to operate, besides this; they need to establish a Wi-Fi connection to transport the signal to the NVR/DVR.

The major disadvantage of the wireless cameras is the power management; some of them use batteries, other use a power adaptor. When wireless cameras use batteries, you have to replace them constantly. If they use power adapter most of the time the power adaptor is visible and you need and AC outlet near to each camera.

Another disadvantage of the wireless cameras is the disruption of the signals, and poor image quality. Sometimes this happens, because the Wi-Fi signal is poor, or generally there are another microwaves signals surrounding the camera environment.

Conclusion: Install wireless cameras is not a reliable option. Particularly some of the customers that have wireless security cameras, replace them with wired cameras.

  1. – Not checking the reviews on the product, retailer or security camera installation company. If you buy something you have to do your homework. Always try to find information about the product that you are going to buy. On internet you’ll find all kind of information about products and services. Is a must to do some research on the product and services, before acquiring a Security camera system.

Conclusion: always check before buy!