An outdoor security camera is one of the best ways to ensure your property is secure and protected. Be it a burglary or a vandalism attempt, a CCTV camera will help you identify and catch the culprit responsible. It’s an investment worth making. But it’s not entirely foolproof.

There are various factors that can affect your security camera’s efficacy. To make sure that your surveillance system is giving maximum output possible, you’ll have to invest in finding solutions to protect your investment.

CCTV cameras are vulnerable to damages subjected by vandals as well as other external elements affecting their efficiency. Here’s a list of possible threats to your outdoor security system.

Theft and Vandalism

CCTV cameras that are placed outside are more vulnerable to being destroyed by vandals or thieves who are looking to cover their tracks. They can harm your camera by damaging, stealing, dismantling, or blinding the camera. If you have placed a high-quality camera outside, thieves will take an opportunity when they see one and steal the camera itself.

To protect your outdoor camera from being stolen or vandalized, consider added security for it. You can either mount it out of arm’s reach or place it in a security mount. You can also hide it out of sight by using metal coverings.


Security cameras placed outdoors are more at risk of being subjected to natural elements. Systems installed in the wrong location can turn into a hotbed of insects, spider webs, and bugs of all variety. This can lead to the camera being obscured from providing surveillance.

The solution? Spray insect repellent spray and pesticides to keep the pesky critters at bay. Regular cleaning of the camera unit will also ensure no insects are attracted to it.

Temperature and Weather

Two more things likely to cause damage to your outdoor security system are extreme temperatures and the weather. Areas with freezing temperatures or boiling hot summers do not provide ideal conditions for a surveillance camera to work efficiently.

Similarly, harsh weather conditions such as a storm, rainfall, or snowfall can deter your camera from working effectively. One bolt of lightning is all it takes to destroy your valuable CCTV camera.

Make sure you check out the ingress protection (IP) rating of your CCTV unit and see whether it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Hacking and Firmware

Your outdoor cameras have a built-in firmware that runs the whole thing. But as with every other technology, it can be vulnerable to hacking attempts. People with ill-intentions can either jam your security camera from providing footage or decrypt your safety code and delete all stored files. This can compromise the safety of your property.

Make sure to frequently change your passwords and regularly update your firmware.

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