The earliest documented use of CCTV camera surveillance is said to have been in Germany in the year 1942. During this time, cameras were used as a means of observation for the testing of rockets. Nowadays, these cameras are used for live monitoring purposes for numerous reasons. They are now installed across schools, homes, companies, banks, and so on.

CCTV surveillance has helped monitor a number of external factors that can be detrimental to our security or safety. These include burglary, people possessing guns, bullying in schools, and so on.

Below we will discuss the evolution of CCTV Surveillance:

Earlier times

The earliest CCTV technology was designed by an engineer named Walter Bruch in 1942, and by 1949, these cameras started to be used in larger commercial applications. However, these systems had cameras and monitors that were used for live monitoring, and didn’t allow for footage recording. The advent of reel-to-reel recording cameras helped overcome this challenge.

A distinct invention in the area was the invention of video-cassette recording (VCR) systems during the 1970s. These were merged in with surveillance systems, and the cameras were significantly upgraded as a result. The multiplexing solutions in the 1990s were also an important advancement, and they permitted video signals from various CCTV cameras to be combined and shown together in a single camera.

Modern developments

Digital technology advancements have taken CCTV surveillance by storm, making them more user-friendly. Network video recorded (NVRs) have allowed organizations with many site locations to witness footage recordings of their establishments via the network. Moreover, there are also numerous different systems introduced for residential and commercial purposes. Their different levels of functionality and intricacy are designed to suit the needs of every client.

Some importance advancements include bullet cameras that are best for long distance viewing. Day or night cameras provide ideal coverage in all kinds of lighting, whereas wireless cameras are immensely flexible and mobile in nature. For residential security, homeowners can now purchase CCTV systems that are accessible through a smartphone application, allowing them to check on their family and children at home whenever they like.

From its humble beginnings, CCTV surveillance systems have become truly sophisticated and dynamic in nature, suitable for all kinds of people and corporations.

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