Rising crime rates in California have made it almost impossible to not take precautionary measures for your home’s safety. 32% of reported crimes—in the state of California alone—are burglaries.

While there’s no question about the benefits of installing security cameras in offices, restaurants and other commercial places, they are quickly becoming a necessity in residential areas as well.

Not only have they proven to be very useful in identifying criminals, but they also work as good deterrents for criminals. If you’re considering getting surveillance cameras to monitor and protect your home, here are some things you should consider.

Why do you need security cameras?

Different people can have different reasons for installing security cameras, depending on their circumstances. Maybe you’re going on a vacation and want to keep an eye on the person who’s pet-sitting for you. Maybe you hired a new babysitter for your children and want to make sure things are going smoothly at home while you’re at work. In both of these situations, you’d toned to get indoor security cameras installed.

Outdoor security cameras are especially useful for keeping an eye out for intruders and robbery or burglary attempts in your neighborhood.

How many security cameras should you install?

It’s entirely up to you to decide how much coverage you need in your home. The number of cameras you get depends on your budget and where you plan to install them. Ask yourself, do you want outdoor cameras or do you need them inside your home as well?

The surface area on the outside of your home is larger and requires more security cameras; the back entrance, front, and sides of your home would need different cameras. If you’re not willing to invest in so many cameras, it’s advisable to go for a camera which has a wider field of view.

Are the cameras encrypted?

Security cameras can be at risk of being hacked, and to protect them, you should verify their encryption. You should make sure the camera allows you to change the default password and username to avoid it being hacked.

How accessible do you want it to be?

If you prefer to know what’s happening constantly and want access to live video coverage in your home, you should check for smartphone compatibility. Having your feed accessible to you on your smartphone will make it easier to keep a check, especially if you’re trying to keep a check on pets or children.

Where should you install them?

The best place to install security cameras depends on a number of factors. You have to identify the most vulnerable spaces in your home, for example, wherever you keep the most valuables in your home. If there have been previous break-ins or there are obscured entrances which could be ideal for an intruder to enter from, it would be a good idea to cover those.

How much will it cost you?

The different places where you install cameras will have different needs. Some places, especially outdoors, may require a wireless camera. Some places you will need night vision and infrared cameras. Different products are meant to meet different needs. You should be prepared with a budget which meets all the needs.

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